This is all about using SARMs to lose weight. But it’s a bit more complicated than just saying “Use these SARMs and you will cut fat and lose weight”.

So I’m going to talk you through some vital stuff first. I’ll tell you about the different SARMs out there, and how they work; because that’s important to understand in relation to the effects they have in your body.

Then I will explain the SARMs that work best for losing weight (otherwise known as cutting), and how to use them both individually and in potent stacks.

Plus, I’ll tell you exactly where you can buy 100% pure SARMs as well.

The Different Types Of SARMs And Options You Have

I think it’s important to start this piece by telling you about the different SARMs out there, and how they work.

SARMs are all thought of as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. That means that they selectively activate androgen receptors. They do this by selecting to only activate androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue, hence the targeted effects on muscle and bone which are brilliant for bodybuilding, and also for avoiding the side effects that less specific androgen receptor agonists like steroids have.

However, not all SARMs are androgenic.

Cardarine, Stenabolic, Ibutamoren, and YK-11 are four very popular SARMs that don’t activate androgen receptors at all. They have different mechanisms of action in the body.

I also quickly mention Ostarine here as well. Although it is very mildly androgenic, it is the original Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, it is only really noticeably androgenic at higher doses (50 mg or higher). If you take Ostarine at lower doses, its effects are so mild that you won’t need a PCT supplement.

Not All SARMs Are Good For Cutting/Losing Weight

The next thing to understand about SARMs for cutting fat and losing weight is that some of them aren’t good at doing that. Some are perfect for building muscle, but not any good for losing weight.

The true androgenic modulators Testolone, Ligandrol, Andarine, and S-23 are not brilliant for cutting fat. I also mention YK-11, which isn’t a SARM at all, but it increases appetite, water retention, and massive muscle growth.

I’ll say that with a caveat though, Ligandrol and Andarine are often used during cutting and re-comping cycles.

However, they aren’t the best at cutting fat, but they are good at maintaining muscle mass. So even in a calorie deficit you will maintain your hard fought gains. That doesn’t mean they don’t cut fat at all, because studies have shown that Andarine especially does, but it’s not the most efficient.

But used as part of a cutting stack, Andarine and Ligandrol, as well as Ostarine, are all very good for not only helping to cut more fat than you could naturally, but especially for maintaining lean muscle mass in a significant calorie deficit.

Here Are The SARMs That Work Best For Weight Loss

So let’s look at the SARMs that work best for weight loss, and explain exactly why the case for each one.

1. GW-501516 Cardarine

Cardarine is not actually a SARM at all. It is a PPAR-Delta receptor agonist. So it only grouped with SARMs for marketing purposes, and it works in a completely different way in the body.

Although we aren’t sure exactly how Cardarine works, it appears to alter energy metabolism in the body. It helps to reduce glucose utilization, and enhances the oxidation of fatty acid. Basically, it tells your body to burn fat in preference to using glucose for short-term energy.

On top of that, Cardarine appears to increase something called ATP efficiency. This is linked to endurance, which means you’ll be able to work out longer and harder. This was noticed in animal studies, where lab mice and rats were observed to develop enhanced levels of cardiovascular endurance.

2. SR-9009 Stenabolic

Stenabolic is another chemical that is not actually from the family of SARMs at all. It is a REV-ERBa agonist.

One of the most poorly talked about SARMs, this stuff is actually brilliant for cutting fat due to how it works in the body. It always amazes me that in guides on SARMs it’s barely mentioned.

It works by interfering with the circadian rhythm in the body. That’s our body clock basically, which tells us when to sleep, when to wake, when to be at peak energy burning, and when we should start to slow down.

In layman’s terms, it’s an agonist of chemicals in the body which tell us that we are alert and awake, so it promotes activity and fat burning.

In studies on rats and mice, it was found to increase energy through oxygen consumption, it increased fatty acids and glucose use in muscle tissue, as well as decreasing the creation of fatty cells in the liver and decreasing fat cells for storage use.

Put together, it lifts your energy levels so you will work out harder and faster, decreases fatty cells generally, and encourages the use of fat as a primary energy source in addition to glucose.

3. Andarine, Ostarine, and Ligandrol

I’m putting all three of these popular SARMs together because they all work in a similar way, and have similar effects in the body.

All of them help to promote higher levels of energy, as well as helping to protect muscle mass in a calorie deficit.

On top of that, at higher doses, Ligandrol, and to some extent Andarine, both also promote stronger muscle growth.

So all three of these at moderate doses can really help to not only lose more weight than you could achieve naturally, but they also protect muscle gains. At higher doses, they can even increase them.

Individually they aren’t the best cutting SARMs, but stacked together they can create a fantastic balance where you have dramatically increased levels of fat burning, and the ability to not only maintain muscle mass, but even grow it.

Using SARMs Individually & Stacking Them To Cut Fat

I always say that the power of SARMs is in stacking them. Putting complimentary SARMs together can produce far more potent results than you will ever achieve individually. I’ve found that out through trial and error over two years.

The basic SARMs cutting stack that I use, which has burned so many calories it’s untrue, and left me lean and fighting fit in a way I never could achieve naturally, is as follows:

  • 5 mg Cardarine
  • 10 mg Stenabolic
  • 20 mg Ostarine
  • 10 week cycle
  • Six week cycle gap
  • No PCT supplement required

The reason I love this simple cutting stack is that it doesn’t deplete your testosterone levels. The dose of Ostarine is low enough not to do that, but high enough to help burn additional fat, and crucially, maintain your muscle mass.

This simple SARMs stack will give you the following benefits:

  • Greatly enhanced energy levels
  • Faster fat burning abilities
  • Tells the body to choose fat over glucose for short-term muscle energy supply
  • Changes your body clock rhythm
  • Allows for faster recovery
  • Maintains lean muscle mass during short-term energy efficiency

If you want to swap Ostarine for Ligandrol or Andarine, then that’s a great strategy as well.

Both of those will be more aggressive in helping you to maintain your muscle mass, and increase your endurance levels. At higher doses, around 25 mg of Andarine for example, you will also not only maintain your lean muscle mass gains, but you will also start to grow them and harden them.

Just be aware guys that if you swap Andarine or Ligandrol into the stack, that you could find that your testosterone production begins to get suppressed.

At lower doses this is minor, but at a moderate or higher dose of either of these SARMs, you may find you need a PCT supplement at the end of the cycle. I would also advise you lengthen the cycle gap to 8 weeks from six weeks to give yourself a proper chance to recover (and always use a PCT supplement like Nolvadex).

The Places You Can Buy Quality SARMs For Weight Loss At The Best Prices

I really hope this quick guide has given you a better idea about how you can use SARMs for fat loss effectively and safely.

That’s only half the battle though, as buying SARMs that are good quality is really tough. It’s also getting harder, because of the Chinese ban on the manufacturer and export of SARMs.

They are still available, and prices are still good if you know where to look.

I mostly buy my SARMs from Prices are simply fantastic, and even internationally, shipping isn’t a deal breaker. As an example on price, a 600 mg dropper bottle of SR-9009 (dosed at 20 mg/mL) is just $59.99.

Swiss Chems are another company I’ve dealt with over the past couple of years as well. Often, they don’t have liquid SARMs in stock, but when they do, grab them because are brilliant quality. But what they do sell is fantastic quality SARMs capsules. As an example on price, 60 x 10 mg of Cardarine costs just $69.95.

Third on my list of places you can get SARMs for cutting is a place I’ve actually only ordered from once, called Chemyo. I’ve only ordered once not because of the quality, but because I’ve had other SARMs in stock. But I will be ordering more from them. Again, prices are really good, with 50 mL of Andarine (dosed at 50 mg/mL) costing $74.99.

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