SR9009 is an interesting SARM because of the effects it has, and the fact that it’s not actually a SARM at all. In this SR9009 review you’re going to learn exactly what it is, how it works, if it’s safe, and how to use it.

Specifically, you’ll learn about SR9009 dosage, how to cycle it, how to stack it, and how it compares to other endurance building SARMs.

This review of SR9009 (Stenabolic) will also cover the realistic results you can expect after one cycle (don’t believe all those before and after photos), plus you’ll also learn where to find SR9009 for sale that has legitimate purity reports displayed so that you don’t get ripped off or put in danger.

Is SR9009 A SARM?

I said at the start of this SR9009 review that it’s not actually a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator.

Most SARMs are anabolic. They modulate (interact) with androgen receptors in the body. They do this selectively by only interacting with androgen receptors in muscle and bone. This allows them to tell those androgen receptors to repair and build more quickly than naturally, hence the huge growth alongside a great gym routine.

But SR9009 isn’t actually an anabolic SARM at all. It’s something called a REV-ERB agonist. REV-ERB are a pair of proteins in the body that deal with a few key processes: circadian rhythm, increased metabolic activity, and regulating how fat and glucose are processed.

I’ll cover that in more detail in a moment so you understand how it will benefit you. But the key takeaway here is that it doesn’t affect your androgen receptors, it will not affect your testosterone levels.

I will also say here at this point of this SR9009 review that it’s never been tested on humans. It’s been through successful animal trials, but it’s still a research chemical. That means the formula you buy is grey market and re-created.

Benefits Of Using SR9009 For Bodybuilding

So let’s quickly take a look at the potential benefits you can get from using Stenabolic SR-9009:

1. It really promotes wakefulness. This is where you feel more alert mentally. You’ll feel sharper, more determined, happier. Nobody is sure how SR9009 actually works fully, but it appears to be something to do with regulating the circadian rhythm (body clock) so that we feel better when we are awake.

2. Conversely, because our circadian rhythm is being changed and optimized, we will feel more rested. Sleep will be better, and people report going to sleep more quickly and waking feeling more refreshed. That’s obviously brilliant for recovery.

3. Stenabolic changes how fat and glucose are processed by the liver. This helps to make more available for use as energy, which is why you get a physical and mental energy boost when you take it.

4. You’ll also benefit from increased metabolic activity levels. A lot of people refer to it as exercise in a bottle, because it promotes such a burst of physical and mental energy, and increases your metabolic levels so much that you are in a working out state even when you’re not, your muscles will burn more energy during normal activities.

5. REV-ERB is a key part of how the body burns fat. On top of that, those two proteins are key to how the genes that are responsible for body fat storage operate. So with SR9009 Stenabolic regulating REV-ERB, you won’t store as much fat, and instead you’ll burn it to fuel the increased energy levels.

So put together, the benefits of using SR9009 are pretty much that you will get an intense burst of physical and mental energy. You’ll burn more calories, you’ll be able to work out harder, and for longer. Plus, your body will use fat and glucose more effectively. On top of all that, your body clock is being optimized for when you are awake and asleep.

SR9009 Results From One Cycle

Look, I want to level with you here.

SARMs are not a miracle. They are not like anabolic steroids where even if you don’t bother working out much you will still see changes in your body.

SARMs only work fully if you push yourself hard. You have to use the energy to burn the fat. You have to work out really hard, push yourself to your limit, so that your muscles get those microtears to be repaired. It’s only if you get those microtears that SARMs can kick in and repair the muscle more aggressively.

But if you do a good first cycle using just SR9009, and if you work hard in the gym alongside a protein rich diet that cuts out the crap, then you can definitely get the following effects in a single cycle:

  • SR9009 will deliver a significant energy boost every day. You’ll be able to exercise for longer, push yourself harder, burn energy more quickly. Your muscles will be put under more pressure because of all this.
  • The general increase in energy at the gym and out of the gym means you will burn more calories. This is on top of the fact that SR9009 tells the body to burn fat and glucose more quickly.
  • Your alertness, your wakefulness will be increased. You will think quicker, you’ll be sharper, more aggressive and interested in your gym routines, more dedicated between sessions.
  • SR9009 will lose weight and body fat rapidly. You will definitely cut fat aggressively using a good dose of this.
  • Put together, you’ll have more energy, sleep better and recover better, burn more calories and fat naturally, and store less fat.

Is SR9009 Safe?

Before I move on to talk to you about how to use SR9009 successfully alongside a gym routine that really pushes you to get the most out of it, I want to talk about whether it’s safe.

I mentioned earlier that SR9009 has not had human trials. That obviously is a red warning light flashing.

However, it has been used for 10 years or more and in the age of the Internet I’m pretty sure you would know about it if people were getting horrendous side effects. I’ve also used it, and never had any side effects as long as the dose is kept sensible. The only side effect I’ve ever seen people talking about is nausea.

If you look at studies and assessments of SR9009 it’s basically a chemical that has a high potential and little evidence of any long-term side effects.

SR9009 Dosage & Cycling

In terms of SR9009 dosage instructions, it’s tough because I just told you that there is no human trial data to base dosing on.

So all you’ve got is anecdotal evidence from the bodybuilding community, and sites like Reddit and other specialist forums where people talk about the dosing they are using the long term.

Dosing between 10 mg and 40 mg per day is normal. People also talk about dosing twice per day, so it appears that the physical evidence of performance boosts suggests the half-life of SR9009 is quite short.

I’d also suggest an initial SR9009 cycle of eight weeks, keep it relatively short and monitor yourself carefully to see if there are any changes, any potential side effects.

Put that all together, and I’d recommend the following initial SR9009 dosage and cycle:

  • Start with a low 20 mg per day dose for the first two weeks
  • Up your dose to 30 mg per day during weeks 3-6
  • If you feel fine increase the dose to 40 mg per day for the last two weeks
  • in total your total first SR9009 cycle will be eight weeks
  • Make sure you dose SR9009 twice per day (split stated dosed not total dose twice)
  • Take a four-week break between cycles
  • You won’t need a PCT supplement because SR9009 doesn’t affect testosterone

Don’t Believe The SR9009 Before And After Photo’s

One word of warning is not to believe those SR9009 before and after photos you’ll see online. In fact, that advice goes for all the before and after stuff you will see about steroids and SARMs.

It’s too easy to fake a photo. How do you know that photo is anything to do with what is being claimed? Unless it’s the guy who actually writes the article, and you know it is, then you don’t know who that person is or what they have taken.

I’m telling you that a lot of the photos you will see as before and after usage for any SARMs or steroids are not true.

Take your own before and after photos is my recommendation. Take one before you start, and do weekly update photos. That way after your first cycle you’ll be pretty damn sure yourself whether it works or not, and you can then monitor your progress over months.

SR9009 Vs Cardarine

Cardarine is another SARM it’s not anabolic and is not actually a selective androgen receptor modulator either.

So in terms of SR9009 Vs Cardarine they are both similar in that respect.

On top of that, Cardarine has very similar effects. Cardarine works as a PPAR-Delta modulator. That means it stimulates protein receptors in the body, so it boosts in physical and mental energy, and affects how the body creates muscle tissue.

Very similar in nature, and there’s not a lot to choose between them. However, for me, SR9009 produced higher kicks in energy, and I felt more rested.

I wouldn’t stack them because they are very similar and I wouldn’t want you to overload your body. One SARM of each type is perfect.

You could stack SR9009 or Cardarine with Ostarine to cut, or with something like Testolone to bulk.

Where To Buy SR9009 Stenabolic

It might surprise you to know that the hardest part of using SARMs is actually buying pure SARMs in the first place. It’s getting tougher as China has banned the making of SARMs, so anything coming in from China is now illegally made and SARMs production in the USA and other countries is not on a major scale yet.

So prices will rise, and there’s more risk in unscrupulous people cutting them with other substances to make them go further, or even selling you steroids or prohormones labelled the SARMs.

To avoid that mess you’re looking for retailers that offer current batch lab purity reports. These are lab reports from independent third-party professional labs that test the purity, and that purity report is then put on the product page.

For me, there have been three places that I’ve found those guarantees at. I only use two of them because I’m in the USA, and one is in Europe, but I want to recommend all three so that you have options that will keep you safe:

1. Science.Bio

These guys are one of the best SARMs sellers in the USA. They been around a long time, but there was some confusion when they completely changed their company name and brand. But this was not for the rumors around the FDA trying to shut them down, but it was about the fact they were expanding into other supplements and wanted to reflect that change in focus.

The SARMs they sell are 100% pure, and that’s guaranteed by lab purity reports and great feedback on social media.

Pricing is good as well. You can buy powder or liquid SR9009 from them. Powder is awful and difficult to deal with though, so I wouldn’t use it until you’re experienced with SARMs. In terms of liquid, you can get a 600 mg sublingual liquid dropper bottle for just $50. That’s a dose of 20 mg/mL, which is brilliant for the dosage range we’ve talked about.

2. Proven Peptides

Second on my list at the end of this SR9009 review is Proven Peptides. These are also based in the USA and have been around for a long time as well.

The point I want to make about this seller is that the SARMs they sell are made in the USA as well. So they are ahead of the game, and the quality is superb. If buying locally is important to you then this will be a key factor in your buying decision.

In terms of pricing, your pay more for that quality and safety. A 30 mL dropper bottle will cost you $80, which is again dosing at 20 mg/mL.

3. Sarms 4 You

I wanted to conclude this SR9009 review by telling you about Sarms 4 You. They are slightly different in two ways.

Firstly, they are based in Europe. So they are great if you are in the EU because you don’t have to go through the pain of importing from America and having to get SARMs through customs.

Secondly, they only sell powder and capsules. No liquid.

Capsules are far more convenient because you don’t have to deal with loose powder, and you don’t have the issues with getting the exact dose that you do with liquid or loose powder.

They do cost a lot more money because it takes more effort to make them though. 60 capsules will cost you $60, so a dollar per capsule each of 10 mg. But convenience is important, as is getting the correct dose, especially if you are a beginner.


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