This privacy policy governs how we use data that is submitted to the website.

Data we receive is transmitted via you visiting the website, and we log your browser plus IP address. We also track the way that IP address moves through the site and exits it.

We also receive data from comment forms that you submit, but we do not store this data on our server. It is forwarded directly to us via email. It is stored on our email server and a forwarding email address. Once your query is dealt with, we delete it from the local device, and the server automatically deletes emails every 30 days.

If you submit a comment at the bottom of a piece of content, we store the comment, plus a name and email address submitted by you, in addition to the comment text. We also block the browser and IP address. This allows us to permanently display the message, and also to prevent spam.

We use data for analytical purposes, to see how people use the website. This involves using the IP addresses of people visiting website both the stats on the server, and also for analysis by third-party software on a different server.

Our cookie policy is very simple. We do not store any unnecessary cookies on your computer. In fact, unless you submit a comment, no cookies will be stored on your computer at all. However, when you click on 1/3 party affiliate link within a piece of content, and taken to another website, you will have a tracking cookie placed on your browser. This allows us to get paid should you then buy a product from the people we have referred you to.

The data so you submit is processed and held in accordance with US law. We do also try to work within the spirit of EU cookie and data protection laws as well. Should you have a question or concern, feel free to contact us via the contact page.