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LGD-4033 Ligandrol is one of the best “all-rounder” SARMs out there. But there’s an awful lot of complete rubbish talked about this SARM, including what realistic before & after results are.

So what I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know about using LGD-4033 in the real world. Not one of those awful cookie-cutter reviews, but the genuine info you need to understand how good this stuff is.

I’ll talk you through exactly how it works, and what the benefits can be. I’ll also talk about the Ligandrol results are truly realistic after a cycle. Plus, I’ll give you information on cycle length, dosage, and how to stack as well.

I’ll finish up by talking to you about the before and after photos out there, user reviews online, and the minefield of finding genuine LGD-4033 for sale at all.

What Exactly Is LGD-4033?

LGD-4033 is a research chemical that is also known by the name Ligandrol. It was created by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, the same company who developed Ostarine and Andarine, which are both structurally very similar.

A company called Viking Therapeutics appears to have bought license rights from Ligand Pharmaceuticals around 2014, with the aim of developing Ligandrol. That’s why it also gets referred to by the alphanumeric name VK-5211.

It was constructed with the goal of trying to help alleviate the problems with muscle wasting illnesses, and conditions like osteoporosis. This is where the muscle disintegrates and bones weaken, due to various factors, alongside significant weight loss.

So what you’ve actually got here is an under researched chemical that has never actually been through successful human trials (as far as anyone knows).

It’s important to understand that, because SARMs aren’t regulated in any way, so you really are in the Wild West. However, they have been in use for many years and people just don’t report any significant long-term side effects.

Ligandrol Benefits: What’s It Can Do

Now you understand a bit about what LGD-4033 is, and its history, let’s talk about what it can do.

Ligandrol is banned by the world anti-doping agency (WADA), which should tell you a bit about its potential potency. They just don’t bother banning stuff unless it’s got the potential to give you a sporting edge.

Overall, these are the potential benefits of using LGD-4033:

  • Promotes development of increased lean mass
  • Increases hardness and tone of muscle tissue
  • Can protect muscle tissue in a calorie deficit
  • Helps to promote increased weight loss
  • Increased strength & endurance

Although the exact mechanisms of action and not entirely known, what we do know about LGD-4033 is that it’s anabolic. That means it binds to androgen receptors in the body and interacts with them, and is known to bind to them with a high affinity, stronger than actual testosterone.

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Ligandrol is a classic anabolic SARM, in that it does selectively bind to androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue, and modulates the messages sent to them like hyperdriven testosterone boosts.

But more than that, it also tells the body to burn fat rather than muscle in a calorie deficit. Usually, your body will start to burn muscle tissue before fat if there is an excess that the body doesn’t need to function.

LGD-4033 stops this by telling the body to burn the fat first. So in a calorie deficit you will start to burn fat, which is usually harder to do, before muscle tissue. Therefore, you will keep your gains while losing fat.

Does The Science Support The Claims About LGD-4033?

Is actually any scientific evidence that the benefits I’ve just described will hold true in real life?

Well, clinical trials at Boston Medical Centre’s section of Endocrinology, did find that it could improve muscle strength, lean body mass, and protect muscle mass in a calorie deficit.

Another study found that this “novel nonsteroidal” had “significant” bone and muscle tissue development potential.

And in fact, Viking therapeutics released details in 2018 of a double-blind study which found that:

“All doses of VK-5211 demonstrated statistically significant increases in total lean body mass… Following 12 weeks of treatment”.

LGD-4033 Ligandrol Results – What’s Realistic?

There seem to be benefits to using this, and the science seems to be suggesting it could be realistically possible to both build muscle and cut fat simultaneously.

I’ll also point you to sites like Reddit, Twitter, bodybuilding forums, all of which for the past five years have been saying clearly that SARMs generally, and that includesLGD-4033 Ligandrol, have not shown any particularly negative side effects other than testosterone suppression in the SARMs which are genuinely androgenic in their effects.

Let me bring myself and the people I know in here as well. Let’s talk about the realistic LGD-4033 Ligandrol results you can get, and I’m going to base this discussion on what I found myself, and people I know have found, as well as comparing the evidence online.

I’m going to talk about the results you can expect after your first cycle. What I’m talking about here is when you have hit a wall naturally, working out a few times a week, with good diet, and you then take a strong dose of Ligandrol (around 15 mg) every day for 10 weeks.

Realistically, these are the changes you will see:

  1. With a couple of weeks you will definitely see a change in your lean muscle. It won’t necessarily get much larger, but it will start to look more defined, and be harder to the touch. The density will basically increase.
  • By the end of the cycle you will definitely have put on lean muscle mass. Up to 7 lbs fresh lean muscle mass is not unrealistic, as long as you are feeding the right way to fuel this as well. This will be accompanied by an overall increase in hardness and vascularity.
  • You will cut fat. You will potentially cut a lot of fat. Some people report as much as 10 lbs of fat lost within a 10 week cycle, that’s a pound a week. I wouldn’t go that far, but five or more is definitely possible without much effort.
  • Your energy levels will go up. Ligandrol increases strength and endurance slightly, but also the change in muscle mass and strength, alongside the cutting in fact, will allow you to work out harder and build up strength and endurance faster.

Put all that together guys I’m telling you that this stuff can really work for you. However, as with all SARMs, the power is in stacking it. On its own, LGD-4033 is potent, especially if you want to cut fat and maintain muscle, but in a stack, you can do so much more.

My Experiences Using LGD-4033 Ligandrol

LGD-4033 Ligandrol is best used during a cutting cycle. Some people use it during a bulking cycle or maintenance cycle though, to underpin some of the other SARMs are using.

However, let me explain why think it’s best for cutting. As you’ve seen, it’s made by the same people, Ligand, who developed Ostarine and Andarine. All three are structurally similar.

Ostarine is the mildest, then the second developed chemical Andarine, then LGD-4033 Ligandrol.

All three of them have the same attributes, they are just progressively more androgenic and aggressive in the fat cutting messages, meaning they are stronger in the muscle tone they maintain and build, as well as telling the body to cut fat.

Ligandrol is actually known amongst bodybuilders as “Super Osta”, which should tell you everything you need to know about how it’s best used.

So for me, it was all about cutting fat and maintaining gains. I basically cut fat in a long cycle at the start of my SARMs journey. I then did two cycles of bulking, one stronger than the previous, then I decided to do a stronger cutting cycle to sculpt.

I used LGD-4033 Ligandrol as the base for this cutting stack. 10 mg per day, which is good moderate dose. I paired it up with Cardarine which can produce significant increases in strength and endurance.

Putting that together, I not only protected my muscle gains, but it also cut fat. On top of that, the Cardarine allowed me to work out harder and longer, burning more energy, and building strength.

It’s a simple stack, but it genuinely works an absolute treat to cut fat and even build a little muscle during a cutting cycle. At the end of it, I had protected all my gains, increased my strength significantly, and cut another 7 lbs of fat.

LGD-4033 Dosage Discussion

SARMs dosage ranges are always a tricky topic because they have never been fully tested on humans, and especially never tested on humans for the purposes of building muscles and cutting fat in bodybuilding.

LGD-4033 Ligandrol is the most potent of the androgenic cutting SARMs trio I’ve just talked about.

People talk about doses as high as 25 mg per day, but in actual fact, a beginner’s dose should be around 5 mg per day. This is especially the case if you are stacking it.

So in terms of talking to you about a specific dosage range, the benefits you get will depend not only on the dose, but also on the work you do.

If I was starting out with SARMs, I would start off with a dose of 5 mg per day of LGD-4033 Ligandrol. I would class a moderate dose at 10 mg, and a strong dose 15 mg. If I was recommending it to an experienced user, I would still say 20 mg is the ceiling.

How To Stack Ligandrol

If you’re going to use Ligandrol to best effect, then you’re going to create a cutting stack with it. I have explained my basic one, but we can go a step further, which is what I intend to do soon:

  • 10 mg LGD-4033
  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 5 mg Stenabolic
  • PCT supplement required
  • 10 week cycle

This is a brilliant cutting stack. You’ll protect your lean muscle gains, your body will be told to burn its fat supplies before muscle, and the Cardarine/Stenabolic both promote increased energy output. You will work out harder and faster, and recover quicker.

Does LGD-4033 Need PCT?

Some people claim that LGD-4033 Ligandrol is not androgenic, and therefore does not deplete your natural testosterone production. That’s just crap.

In studies, Ligandrol, even at a dosage of 1 mg, has been shown to be strongly androgenic, binding to the androgen receptors with a higher affinity than testosterone itself.

It’s been noted for many years by everyone using it that you will experience some of the signs of your testosterone supplying naturally decreasing. The higher the dose, the more aggressive and soon that will happen.

So yes, LGD-4033 Ligandrol definitely does require a PCT supplement at the end of the cycle. Nolvadex should be enough, dosed at around 50 mg for a couple of weeks, and then tapering down.

But if you take a larger dose and feel highly suppressed, just go straight for Clomid, don’t play games with your testosterone production.

Ostarine Vs Ligandrol

Ostarine is a very mild version of Ligandrol in effect. Ostarine doesn’t cause depletion of testosterone unless you take a very high dose. But it will still maintain that muscle mass and burn some fat.

LGD-4033 Ligandrol is basically Ostarine on steroids. But it’s also strong enough at higher doses to get your body to build some muscle mass as well as maintain it, as long as the calorie deficit isn’t deep or long.

So for beginners, or mild fat cutting alongside muscle maintenance, go for Ostarine. However, if you want supercharged fat cutting, muscle hardening, improve vascularity, and energy gains, go for LGD-4033 Ligandrol.

Ligandrol Reviews Online

I want to warn you about those user reviews you’ll see online. There will be plenty of people going on about the results you can get with moderate doses of LGD-4033.

However, what those guys don’t tell you is that hard work is not optional. Anabolic steroids, up to a point, will pump you up without any effort at all. SARMs don’t really do much unless you really hurt the muscles and burn the energy.

Unless you are realistic about working out harder and longer, and eating better, as well as doing cardio, then you just won’t cut the fat, and harden the muscle, in the way that you want.

So please take those reviews with the warning that a lot of those guys don’t know what they are talking about, they overstate the benefits, and a lot of the reviews are completely dangerous by stating that it’s not anabolic/androgenic.

LGD-4033 Before & After Photos Warning

Another warning from me is about those LGD-4033 before and after photos you will see online. It’s the same with steroids and other SARMs as well. In fact, it’s the same for any bodybuilding supplement, and even natural bodybuilding.

The bottom line is you simply do not know that what you are seeing has been doctored, or that it’s the person who’s describing what they have achieved. Basically, you know squat.

You don’t know if that’s all they’ve used, over what time period, what dosage, what their diet was like, what that their history is, literally nothing.

Take those before and after photos, especially when they are stuffed all the way through reviews, with a huge pinch of salt. If you work out hard you will see the gains over one or two cycles, but do not expect miracles, and the only way to find out how good it is, is to try a cycle yourself.

Finding Genuine LGD-4033 For Sale

Let’s finish up here by telling you where you can find high quality LGD-4033 Ligandrol for sale.

The problem you have got is that most SARMs are imported from China, and that supply is drying up. Eastern European and Indian companies may pick up the slack, but what it means is that less and less SARMs are available, and the quality will deteriorate as people fake it, cut it, and get it from a dodgy suppliers.

What you’re looking for are SARMs that are sold by people who undertake genuine third-party independent batch lab testing. Those batch lab test reports, showing the purity and contents, are published on the product page.

For me, there are three companies I’ve used that fulfil the criteria:

1. sell a range of high-quality SARMs, including LGD-4033. Pricing is good, and for $59.99 you’ll get 300 mg (sold under the name LGD-4).

2. Swiss Chems sell high-quality SARMs capsules. You can buy 60 capsules of Ligandrol, each dosing 10 mg (total dose 600 mg) for just $69.95.

3.Chemyo are another great SARMs seller. They sell powder and capsules at good prices. A large 50 mL dropper bottle of LGD-4033 Ligandrol costs $59.99.


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