Ostarine results reviewed

Ostarine is often described as the “classic SARM”. It’s mild, well-tolerated, and has some great effects for bodybuilders.

In this guide I’m going to tell you exactly how to use the SARM Ostarine (MK-2866) to best effect. I’ll tell you what’s possible, and which claims are overstated.

We will discuss the benefits & results you can expect from using Ostarine for the first time, as well as side effects to watch out for.

I’ll also tell you how to cycle it, stack it, and what sort of Ostarine dosage range you should be using.

Plus, we will discuss warnings about before and after claims, and where you should be buying the highest quality Ostarine from right now.

The History Of Ostarine

Ostarine has become the most popular of the SARMs that people use to help achieve better results than they ever can bodybuilding naturally.

But it wasn’t actually designed for bodybuilding at all. It was developed in the 1990s by company called GTx as a possible solution for muscle wasting illnesses, and bone weakening diseases like osteoporosis.

Early animal studies show that it was safer than testosterone and steroids, and helped to stop muscle wastage, and strengthen bones.

Ostarine, also known by the alphanumeric name MK-2866, and less regularly as Enobosarm, never got to fool human trials for any purpose, and therefore the chemical formula has sat on a virtual shelf for quite some time.

One interesting Phase II human trial that happened in 2011 though, which is relevant, is that it went through a phase 2 human study on older people and postmenopausal women. It showed significant promise in halting muscle loss with age.

I should also point out here that Ostarine has a big brother called Andarine. Made by the same company, and chemically very similar, Andarine is basically just a stronger version of Ostarine.

Benefits & Results Of Ostarine Use For Bodybuilders

Scientifically, Ostarine has several proven benefits which can help with bodybuilding results significantly:

  1. Ostarine has been shown to strengthen bone density. This can help to build your core strength.
  • Ostarine has been shown to protect muscle mass, even in a significant calorie deficit. When you are cutting, Ostarine can really help to protect your gains.
  • Ostarine also, in a very minor way that is nowhere near the level of Andarine, tells the body to burn fat in preference to glucose. You will therefore cut more fat using Ostarine then you can naturally.
  • Ostarine, just like its big brother Andarine, through its interaction with glucose and fat use, produces a higher level of energy output.

As you can see, put together, it’s a bodybuilders dream if you want to protect your gains and cut fat.

However, I should say here Ostarine is pretty mild. Even at decent doses, it’s not as potent as Andarine, or the even more powerful Ligandrol.

But for beginners, people who just want to maintain and cut in a minor way, it’s not going to significantly deplete your testosterone supplies, meaning you can use it off cycle, Ostarine is a perfect choice. That’s why it’s so popular and talked about so much.

How To Get The Best Ostarine Results Possible

Let’s talk about how you can get the best Ostarine results possible, and the best way to achieve them realistically.

You’re going to be using Ostarine mostly as part of a cutting stack. You can use on its own to maintain muscle mass during a minor cut, and give you a little energy, but mostly it’s best used within SARMs a stack. I’ll talk about stacking Ostarine in a moment.

Let’s just go with the idea that you are using Ostarine on its own.

You’ll need to have a fantastic clean diet. You won’t cut fat if you are not cutting out carbs and fat and eating within a calorie deficit. So get your diet sorted out before you start using Ostarine to a discipline.

The second thing you need to do is push yourself harder in the gym. You need to burn calories here, both to gain strength, and help with the cut.

If you do that, and push yourself harder, and you take Ostarine over a cycle even on its own, you will notice significant cutting, several pounds of fat more than you can cut naturally.

Plus, you’ll maintain your gains. Not only that, but as you lose weight and tone up, Ostarine also helps to dry out your muscles and harden them. Not as much as Andarine, but in a minor way, you’ll definitely get it.

Put together, these are the results you can expect from using Ostarine correctly:

  • Significant fat loss
  • An increase in strength and energy
  • Better toned and defined muscles
  • Dryer muscles
  • Very little problems with lowering of testosterone production

Ostarine is actually perfect for using between SARMs stacks. I also use it as a maintenance SARM generally.

What I mean by that is I’ll do a SARMs cycle, a bulking or cutting cycle, then need a break. I’ll do PCT, and when I feel my testosterone levels recovering, I will start Ostarine sometimes to protect my gains, cut a little more fat, and keep toning above what can be achieved naturally.

So, Ostarine is a safe and perfect way to continually use SARMs to help to perfect your body. Some guys even use it during cycles of anabolic steroids to protect gains, and many people using SARMs also use it off cycle even when taking PCT supplements, because it doesn’t really suppress testosterone.

Ostarine Dosage Range & Cycle Length

I want to move on now to the Ostarine dosage range you should be using. I should stay at the start of this, the that it’s all based on my own experiences and anecdotal evidence online from people I trust.

The reason they can’t be exact dosage ranges is that it’s never been through full human trials to establish what dosage range should be for any purpose, let alone for use by bodybuilders.

However, as it’s been around for 20 years, and used by bodybuilders for at least 10 of those, we have a good idea of its safety, dosage range, and effects.

Ostarine is very mild. At 10 mg, you will hardly feel a thing. At 20 mg you will get minor effects, and at 30 mg the full range of effects. I wouldn’t really ever advise going above 40 mg because then you head into the territory of potential side effects I will discuss later.

In terms of cycle length, that’s another tough question to answer.

On its own, you can use Ostarine at lower doses for months on end. At higher doses, I would suggest you keep the cycle length to 12 weeks as a maximum though. I always advocate giving your body a complete break after around three months, and making sure the break is two months or longer.

As part of a stack, you’re obviously hoping to amplify complimentary effects. Unless it’s a mild stack, you’ll want to keep the dosage more moderate, and I still wouldn’t advise a cycle length within the stack of longer than 12 weeks, preferably shorter.

Some people use Ostarine off cycle, and that’s fine at lower doses. If you haven’t used a highly suppressive stack beforehand, then between cycles when you are doing PCT, it’s perfectly possible to use a low dose of around 15 mg per day for the whole of the length of the PCT in order to maintain your gains.

Stacking Ostarine As Part Of A Potent Cutting Stack

As you know now, Ostarine is perfect for cutting and maintaining gains. But you can amplify these effects by creating a strong cutting stack.

This is what I will recommend to you as a beginner’s cutting stack that can significantly help you to achieve your gains of cutting and hardening your definition:

  • 20 mg Ostarine
  • 10 mg Cardarine
  • 5 mg Andarine
  • 10 week SARMs cycle
  • Eight-week break
  • PCT such as Nolvadex required

What you’re getting with this stack is Ostarine and Andarine not only cutting fat and building energy levels, but also protecting your gains, and the Andarine slightly hardening and drying out your tone as well.

The Cardarine delivers a significant boosting energy levels due to the way it changes the way your body utilizes glucose use in muscle tissue. That will help you to work out harder and longer, building your endurance, and helping you to burn more calories.

It’s also possible to ditch the Andarine, and just go for a classic Ostarine & Cardarine stack. You’ll get the energy boost, muscle maintenance, and some cutting, but it will be far more moderate.

If you are slightly more advanced user, I would advise the same stack, but up the Ostarine dosage and the Andarine dosages by 5 mg each.

You will require a mild PCT supplement like Nolvadex post cycle. That’s because Andarine is suppressive, and paired with the medium dose of Ostarine, it definitely will be.

You’ll probably need to dose Nolvadex at around 50 mg for the first week, and then dropping the dose to 25 mg around four weeks after that, before you feel your testosterone levels truly bouncing back.

Ostarine PCT: Is It True Ostarine Is Suppressive?

At doses up to about 30 mg per day, Ostarine isn’t suppressive for 90% of men. It’s very mild, but it is androgenic to a degree, it does bind to the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue with a low affinity, contrary to what some reviews will tell you.

Just to clarify, Ostarine is androgenic. That’s why it’s been banned along with anabolic steroids and other SARMs by the world anti-doping agency. That’s because of its androgenic effects therefore, it must cause testosterone suppression.

So yes, if you’re taking 30 mg per day or more, especially if you are susceptible testosterone fluctuations, then yes, Ostarine can be suppressive despite what people claim.

You may only need a mild PCT supplement like Rebirth, or a testosterone boosting supplement that is natural. However, be prepared for a low dose of Nolvadex instead, maybe 25 mg per day to help recover your testosterone levels.

However, having said that, at moderate doses of around 20 mg per day, Ostarine isn’t suppressive. That’s why guys finishing large bulking cycles of SARMs or steroids tend to use small doses of Ostarine off cycle to help protect the gains and keep cutting fat.

Ostarine Side Effects

Ostarine is very well tolerated, and no side effects were noted in human studies that were done either.

I’ve already mentioned Ostarine at higher doses can be mildly suppressive to testosterone levels. The bottom line is it is an androgenic SARM.

Other than that, there are no known side-effects of using Ostarine, and after 10 years of popular use, we are just not seeing large groups of people reporting any similar side effects that could cause concern.

Ostarine Before And After Photos Warning

Something I want to warn you about is those Ostarine before and after photos you will see on many reviews.

They may not make any claims, they may just show a photo which alludes to the results you’ll get. The thing is though, no matter what the photo shows, what the claims are, you just don’t know if it’s real.

How do you know that guy didn’t do steroid for 10 years, or starve himself to death for six months, and then take the photo?

So I just want to warn you that those before and after photos, along with many Ostarine reviews online should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I’ve tried to be honest here about the reality of Ostarine, and SARMs generally. They take hard work, and you won’t produce huge results after your first cycle. Three or four cycles, yes, but not a single cycle.

You need to look a year ahead. You’ll probably start with a cutting cycle to get rid of excess fat. Then you’ll do a couple of bulking cycles to really pack it on, then a cutting/toning cycle to finish things off. Then it’s a case of where you want to go from there.

My advice to you is always going to be the same. Make sure you test yourself. Get as much advice as you can, look at the contradictions, then try Ostarine for yourself with all the hard work and good diet as well, and see what results you genuinely get.

Advice On Buying Ostarine & Any SARMs Right Now

I’ll finish up here by telling you where you can find Ostarine for sale. Let me warn you that it’s getting tougher.

At the end of 2020, under American pressure, China banned the export of SARMs. The supplies therefore are drying up globally.

Eventually, production in other countries will start, and we will see a return to good supply of these grey market research chemicals.

However, for the next 6-12 months, supply will be short, and prices will go higher. You will also get increasing out of stocks and companies dropping out of the marketplace.

So now you face two problems:

  1. You need to find a SARMs seller that batch test each lot of SARMs they buy in for purity with an independent lab, and then publishes those purity reports on the product page.
  • You have to find a seller who is got SARMs in stop and at a reasonable price, plus they have to be in the format you are looking to buy (powder, capsules, or sublingual liquid).

For me, there are still three places supply me with high-quality SARMs, and I definitely intend placing another order pretty soon to make sure I got stock to get me through at least the next six months.

First up is Science.bio. These guys been around for a long time, and have always been a leader in the marketplace. They sell a range of SARMs in sublingual dropper bottle format, and raw powder. Right now you can buy 900 mg of liquid Ostarine for just $59.99.

The second place I’d recommend is Swiss Chems. They only sell high-quality SARMs capsules, but that’s brilliant if you are a beginner because you can get the exact dose without messing around with raw powder and a micro scale. Right now, 60 capsules of Ostarine, each dosing 25 mg, will cost you $69.95.

The third place I use, but have only ordered once from so far, is Chemyo. They sell large bottles of sublingual SARMs. For $59.99 you can get 50 mL of Ostarine, dosed at 25 mg/mL.

So the conclusion of this review is that you should definitely get hold of Ostarine right now. Supply is tight, and if you buy it now, it can last you for a year, riding the storm that’s happening.

Generally, I want to conclude here by saying give Ostarine a try, especially if you’ve never tried SARMs and want to give them a go. Dosed at around 30 mg per day, over 10 weeks, it will definitely cut fat, tone muscle, and increase your energy levels with no side effects at all.

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