Most of the information about SARMs out there relates to men. Now, is that sexist, but it means that half the population and not benefiting from something which can really help increased tone, strength, and cut fat.

I’m going to do here is change the balance by giving you a quick guide on everything you need to know around using SARMs for females.

I’ll talk you through the best SARMs for women, and the ones to avoid. Plus, I’ll give you advice on the female SARMs cycle length, gaps between cycles, and dosage.

In addition to all that, I’ll tell you what the best three SARMs stacks are for women, and finish by telling you where you can find pure SARMs of high-quality for sale.

Why SARMs Are Better Than Steroids & Prohormones For Women

As a woman, you really don’t want to be touching anabolic steroids. Sure, they will pump you up, but unless you want to be a bodybuilder, then you don’t want huge muscles.

Steroids, and prohormones are limited in that they pack on muscle, but they don’t do other things which females really want from working out.

Plus, both of those are illegal and can have really nasty androgenic side effects which can alter the female body in ways you really don’t want.

So SARMs just work as a much better fit.

These are the three benefits you will get from using SARMs for females:

  • You will cut far more fat than you can naturally
  • You will increase your strength and endurance levels
  • Your existing muscle will be protected when you are dieting
  • Existing muscle will be hardened and toned

But the main point is that you don’t want strongly androgenic SARMs that build bulk, and you don’t want SARMs which add water weight, or developer muscle tone that is unfeminine.

These goals do limit the SARMs you use. But on the plus side, it creates a simplicity in choosing SARMs, individually or to stack, that men cannot enjoy.

These Are The SARMs That Are Best For Females To Use

So what are the best SARMs for women to use? These are the top five SARMs most used by women, that all have benefits that enhance feminine traits that help you to make significant progress:

1. Ostarine is the classic mild SARM. It helps you to cut fat by telling the body to burn fat rather than glucose. Ostarine also gives you a slight energy boost. In addition, it protects your muscle tone in a calorie deficit.

2. Andarine is a more potent version of Ostarine. It does everything Ostarine does but slightly more pronounced. Plus, it’s renowned for hardening and drying out muscle tone. If you want a little bit of tone, it will make it sculpted and smooth.

3. Cardarine for women is a great choice. It should underpin almost every stack you make. It’s known as “energy in a bottle” and delivers a significant energy boost because of the way it gets the body to utilize glucose better. You will have more energy to work out, meaning you will lose weight faster and become stronger and toned more quickly. You’ll also recover faster. It’s also not androgenic at all so there won’t be any side effects.

4. Ligandrol is like a stronger version of Andarine. However, it also builds more lean muscle. Not as aggressively as the hugely androgenic SARMs, but it’s a step up. If you want to cut fat, build strength, and build a little muscle tone that beautifully sculpted, then this is one to consider.

5. A lesser known SARM is  SR-9009 Stenabolic. It’s not androgenic, so you won’t get any negative side effects. Just like Cardarine, it delivers a significant energy boost by altering the way our body clock works. Making you more alert, and giving you more energy than you would have naturally.

Let’s Talk About SARMs Dosages For Women

Women should take far lower doses of SARMs than men. Some people advocate only taking SARMs every other day as a female.

I don’t quite go that far; I think it’s better to take smaller doses every day. My reasoning for that is that SARMs generally have a short half life, less than 24 hours. So why put yourself in a situation where every other day you aren’t having any positive impact from SARMs at all?

So I still suggest you take SARMs every day. As a woman, take them at far lower doses, probably 50% of what is talked about in terms of the male daily dose. If you are stacking, possibly lower than that.

That advice is even more important if you are using androgenic SARMs like RAD-140, LGD-4033, S-4, S-23, or YK-11, because of the androgenic side effects that can affect women more significantly than many realize.

Female SARM Cycle Length & Gaps Between Cycles Explained

Moving on from dosage advice, let’s talk about cycle length and gaps between cycles for females using SARMs.

I think a female SARMs cycle should be around the same length as a male cycle. So usually between eight and 12 weeks, but because the SARMs are mostly going to be non-androgenic and at lower doses, probably 10-12 weeks for most SARMs you are using.

But you should have a long gap between cycles. This is especially true if you are using androgenic SARMs. Because women can’t use PCT supplements, they have to take time for their bodies to recover and get the natural balance between estrogen and testosterone restored.

You will be told you don’t need PCT because you’re female, making it sound like you get no side effects at all. However, androgenic SARMs do create side effects, so you will need to take that time for your body to adjust.

I would suggest that the gap between cycles is always equal to the length of the cycle you have just done.

Top Three SARMs Stacks For Females To Use

Let’s talk you through the top three Best SARMs stacks for females to use to cut fat, increase strength and endurance, and maybe even bulk and tone a little.

The first is a classic beginners cutting stack:

  • 10 mg Ostarine daily
  • 5 mg Cardarine daily
  • 10 weeks SARMs cycle
  • 10 weeks gap between cycles

What this will deliver is the cutting, muscle protection, and slightly raised strength from Ostarine. That will be backed up by the increase in energy output of Cardarine that will allow you to work out harder, gaining strength and burning more calories.

The second stack is a slightly stronger cutting stack that add strength:

  • 5 mg Ostarine daily
  • 5 mg Andarine daily
  • 2 mg Cardarine daily
  • 10 weeks SARMs cycle
  • 10 weeks gap between cycles

What you’re adding to this stack is Andarine. Stronger than Ostarine but similar in effects, it creates a stronger cutting effect, alongside the strength and fat burning we have already discussed. Also, Andarine can tone and harden muscle.

The third SARMs stack for females is a good stack to use if you want to harden your muscle and improve your strength dramatically:

  • 5 mg Andarine daily
  • 2 mg Ligandrol daily
  • 5 mg Stenabolic (or Cardarine) daily
  • 8-week gap between cycles

The Andarine will cut fat, protect your muscle tone if you are cutting hard, and improve the density and tone of your muscles.

On top of that, the Ligandrol will add to the Andarine, but also build lean muscle mass. At such a low dose only slightly, but it will make you more defined.

To that, you are adding Cardarine or Stenabolic to underpin all with an energy boost, which will cut more fat, while building your strength and endurance.

Is It True SARMs Don’t Have Bad Side Effects In Women?

Some reviews out there will tell you that SARMs don’t have side effects for women because women aren’t affected by testosterone depletion.

However, what those reviews ignore is the fact that those androgenic changes can provoke masculine traits to appear in women over time.

These are the masculine traits that can appear with prolonged use without good gaps in recovery:

  • Deepened voice
  • Increased body hair
  • Darker body hair
  • Mild male pattern baldness
  • Mood swings
  • Rampant sex drive

Now the rampant sex drive may sound great, but not many women who have experienced that say it’s a good thing! Generally, you will start to get more male traits you use androgenic SARMs over long cycles, especially stacked, and you don’t give your body a break.

Where To Buy The Best Quality SARMs

Let’s finish this guide on the best SARMs women and how to use them by telling you where to buy great quality SARMs to use.

You’re looking for an online store that offers you a purity guarantee, and not many places do.

But these two webstores, who I’ve used for several years, batch test every batch of SARMs they get in through an independent third-party lab, and the purity reports are published on the product pages.

First you have These guys have been around for a long time, and have a good track record of delivering fantastic value SARMs. They sell raw powder and sublingual dropper bottle liquid SARMs. Prices are competitive, and you simply won’t find a better starting point.

Secondly, I’d recommend Swiss Chems. They only sell raw powder in capsules. However capsules are great for beginners because you don’t have to worry about getting anything other than the exact dose and you don’t have to taste anything. They sell all the main types of SARMs in capsules, and if you’re unsure about using SARMs then I would recommend capsules.

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