This is an important topic I don’t think is covered enough in the bodybuilding world. So what I’m going to do here is tell you where to find high quality SARMs for sale, and also importantly, what the high-quality SARMs actually look like, in terms of boxes that need to be ticked.

More than just giving you a listed of the best SARMs companies, I’m going to tell you how to spot the best places to buy SARMs in the first place, so although you’ll get a starting point for me, you’ll also have the information to make a more informed decision of your own.

I’ll also tell you about the untrustworthy places to avoid buying SARMs from, and how to spot those as well.

Finally, I’ll finish with three reviews of the trusted places that I found offer the highest quality SARMs for sale consistently, detailing the pros and cons of each seller.

The Different Types Of SARMs Explained

Before I start this guide on finding good quality SARMs for sale, I want to just explain the different types of SARMs out there.

Broadly, you have four different groups of SARMs and related chemicals:

1. Anabolic SARMs that produce results in the body through interaction with the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. The truly anabolic SARMs are S-23, S-4, RAD-140, LGD-4033, and YK-11 (although there is some dispute around the fact that is structurally closer to an anabolic steroid than a SARM). I will also put MK-2866 in here, but it’s only androgenic at high doses.

2. Related chemicals that are marketed with SARMs, but are not androgenic. These are MK-677, GW-501516, and SR-9009.

3. Lesser known chemicals that are SARMs, or related to SARMs, which many people don’t know about or use yet. This includes things like LGD-3033, a newer derivative of LGD-4033.

4. Related peptides that have wildly varying mechanisms of action, but are broadly used alongside SARMs, or for the same reasons. These include things like BPC-157.

The Importance Of Buying High Quality SARMs

As an example, let’s say you’re looking to find good quality Ostarine for sale.

It’s easy enough to find Ostarine, but if you don’t get good quality, it’s completely pointless. Ostarine is so mild that unless it’s working at high efficiency, then an average dose will do literally nothing.

As well as the efficiency of the SARMs you are buying, it’s also about the safety as well though.

Some SARMs are cut with other chemicals. In fact, one study of the industry a few years back found that more than 50% of the SARMs for sale online were the not at the dose stated, had other chemicals mixed in, or didn’t contain the actual stated SARM at all. In fact, some even included strong doses of banned anabolic steroids!

Where Are SARMs Actually Made?

Overwhelmingly, the SARMs available in the world right now are made in China. However, there is a huge “if” around that statement.

At the end of 2020, China banned not only the export of SARMs, but also the manufacturing of SARMs within the CCP. This was done under pressure from the Americans, who were the main targets of most of the unregulated research chemicals being sold.

Rather than regulate them and get all that through Congress (which various people and organizations have been trying to do for several years), it was far easier to just pressure the Chinese to dry up the supply lines.

However, nine months (and counting) after that ban, and we still seem to have plenty of availability. For me, that points to several things going on.

First, there’s tons of backlog stock available in China and the USA. Second, the Chinese are still making and importing illegally, and third, places like India and Eastern Europe may be taking up the slack already.

Some companies will claim that the SARMs they sell are made in the USA. Although this is possible, the truth is that it’s actually very unlikely that they are. I would always take that claim with a huge pinch of salt, although it’s increasingly likely as manufacturing switches away from China.

Never Buy SARMs From These Un-Trusted Sources

When it comes to finding SARMs sources, you don’t want to be using any of the following types of retailer:

  • Chinese sellers on sites like Alibaba, or any Asian marketplace websites or apps
  • Do not buy SARMs on Amazon
  • Do not buy SARMs from any general marketplace website
  • Never buy SARMs from websites you don’t recognize haven’t researched

The reason for this should be obvious. You simply do not know what you are buying. I mentioned earlier about SARMs being cut with other stuff, you don’t have to be a genius to guess that churning them out for sale on sites like that is where you are most likely to encounter the poorest quality SARMs, or complete rip-offs.

I’ll also mention a company called proven peptides. They used to offer some of the highest quality SARMs out there, which they claimed were made in the USA (although I’m dubious about that claim). They where widely liked on social media, and I ordered from them regularly.

But then out of the blue, they suddenly shut up shop. Let’s put a sign on the website (which is still up for some reason bizarrely) saying they had ceased trading, over a year ago now.

They left customers with outstanding orders, and affiliate, high and dry, owing tens of thousands of dollars. That can happen, so I would recommend you don’t order huge amount of SARMs in one go from one seller.

How To Spot The Best SARMs Source

When it comes to learning how to find the best places to buy SARMs online, there are a few things that you need to know. Each one of these needs to be used as a mental tick list, and only if all of those boxes ticked should you ever consider placing an order.

As I hope you now realizing, using the highest quality SARMs available can be risky if you are taking high doses over long period time. But you are magnifying that risk tenfold by buying poor quality SARMs you don’t know the true composition of.

It’s really vital you understand this is an unregulated market full of research chemicals that have never been tested on humans, being made by independent labs in countries that simply do not have the standards and scrutiny to ensure high levels of quality and safety.

These are the vital things that need to be in place for you to even consider placing an order with SARMs company:

1. Independent third-party lab analysis reports

The most important thing I have to talk about here is those third-party lab purity reports. Most websites will claim to display them, but most of them are also rubbish.

Some unscrupulous SARMs websites will merely display the Chinese export analysis certificate. This is a basic report done by the company which is sent with the product. You can’t rely on these Chinese companies to get it right, and it also shows that the company selling it don’t even bother to analyze what they are buying.

On many SARMs seller website you’ll also notice an incomplete record. Some of the SARMs reports on sites I’ve seen have lab analysis reports that are a couple of years old. They simply cannot be current. Worse than that, I’m suspicious that some of them are faked completely.

What you are looking for is ongoing lab analysis reports for all the different types of SARMs, with the most recent one needing to be within the past six months or so. The lab that has done the analysis should be findable online and be real, and the report should show 99% or higher purity.

Don’t think it’s expensive either. It only costs around $250 to get a lab analysis report done, chickenfeed for a company turning over tens of thousands of dollars per month. If the purity reports aren’t current, or aren’t there at all, then don’t go near the company, it’s as simple as that.

2. Real user feedback online

The second most important thing you need to look for to determine the best SARMs company for your needs is one that has a good track record of feedback online.

This means a formal reviews, and user feedback. This could be user reviews on various websites, but also on social media and places like Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. It should be overwhelmingly good feedback, from obviously real people who know what they are talking about.

3. The company selling the SARMs checks out

Also check out the people who run the company if you are really suspicious. For the three trusted SARMs sources below, I’ve done just that. Check out the addresses and phone numbers, and make sure they link to real companies and individuals. You’d be amazed how many “fronts” there are where different websites all link to the same shady dealers.

3 Places To Find The Highest Quality SARMs For Sale

I really hope all that has been helpful to you, and if you’re looking the highest quality sources of SARMs possible, then the great news is I’ve already done the hard work for you.

Below you will find the top three SARMs vendors in the USA to take, based on my extensive research, user feedback, and me having place multiple orders with these companies with great results.


First on my list, and genuinely, a company that should be first on anybody’s list, is Science.

Just to clear up some controversy about these guys at the start of this review, they used to be part of, a very well known SARMs seller. However, part of the team split, and set up a different company. They sell the same high-quality SARMs from the same sources, but they are a different team and separate company.

Science sell all the main types of SARMs at great prices. They sell them in raw powder and sublingual liquid formats.

Plus, they also sell a range of peptides that are less well-known, including newer SARMs that most people have never heard of.

Put together, this is the deal you get from these guys:

  • The highest quality SARMs available
  • Imported from China (for now) with good quality checks
  • Fantastically low prices on powder and liquid
  • Free shipping on orders over $300 to any location globally
  • Verifiable and current independent third-party lab reports on every product page

As an example on price, say you want to find Cardarine for sale, then one of the best places to buy it is in liquid format from Science. For just $60 you’ll get a 600 mg total dose sublingual dropper bottle.

Powder is even cheaper, with the Cardarine they are selling it for just $49.99 for a full gram of highly pure powder.

My experiences with this company have always been superb. Rapid delivery within the USA, and I’ve never had a problem with the quality. SARMs from Science form the basis of every SARMs stack I have done in the past two years.

2. Swiss Chems

The second place I’d recommend checking out if you’re looking for some of the best places to buy SARMs around, is a company called Swiss Chems. They are not Swiss though; they are definitely American and based in the USA.

Swiss Chems only sell SARMs in capsules. You’re getting the highest quality SARMs powder but it’s packaged up in capsules. That raises the price because you are getting the convenience of an exact dose in an easy to take format.

I’ve ordered from these guys several times, especially when I was beginning with SARMs, because of the way that the doses are so easy to do. Loose powder is a nightmare to get the right dose from when you are dealing in single digit micrograms, and capsules are easier to dose than sublingual liquid. If you’re a beginner, I really would recommend them.

This is what you can expect from ordering with Swiss Chems:

  • A good range of SARMs in capsule format
  • Ideal for beginners and people who want SARMs with convenience
  • Prices are very good compared to other SARMs capsules sellers
  • Independent lab reports available to view on the website

The range is not huge, but they do sell all the main SARMs people want to use. Prices are also very good for capsules.

Let’s just give you an example on the pricing. They have high quality Cardarine capsules for sale at just $69.95. For that, you’ll get 60 capsules, each dosed at 10 mg, for a total dose included of 600 mg.

As I’ve said, my experiences with these guys have always been very good. I used them a lot in the beginning because of the convenience of the capsules. I don’t use them as much now, because the liquid is so much cheaper, but if I’m on the move a lot, I do make sure I have some of their capsules available on cycle.

3. Chemyo

Third on the list of reliable SARMs sellers out there is a company called Chemyo. They haven’t been around that long, but they already have a good track record on social media. That’s what first alerted me to them.

The website just screams quality, and everything about them checks out. I’ve received two orders from these guys and never had a problem at all. I can assure you that the quality of the experiences I’ve had on cycle with the SARMs from this company have been just as good as the other two companies I order from.

The range isn’t huge. But they do sell all the main types of SARMs in both liquid dropper bottle and raw powder format.

Put together, this is what you are getting from Chemyo:

  • Larger than usual 50 ml dropper bottle format
  • High-quality guaranteed SARMs in liquid and powder format
  • Free shipping on US orders over $100 (over $275 internationally)
  • Each batch is labelled and quality verifiable through corresponding independent analysis

Let me just talk to you about the size of the dropper bottles and the prices you will pay, because it is an interesting difference.

Most companies sell 30 mL dropper bottles of SARMs, whereas these guys sell 50 mL dropper bottles for roughly the same price. But the quality is also just as high. So you are definitely getting more for your money, although the range available is smaller.

As an example, you can buy a 50 mL dropper bottle of MK-677 for just $69.99. That’s a total dose of 1250 mg. For $10 less, Science sell it in a dropper bottle with a total dose of 750 mg. As you can see, there is definitely a saving to be made.

On the downside you may not need that large dose. Once you’ve opened SARMs, even keeping them refrigerated, they don’t last that long. When you are dosing at 10 mg per day, you could find you are wasting that excess product, so please way up that saving before spending the money SARMs you might waste.

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