All over the world, retailers employ dietitians to help consumers with the choices they make.

Now, I’m a bit skeptical about this I will admit. The thing is, the supermarkets want you to pile your trolley high with the stuff that makes them the most profit. That’s invariably processed foods, which is why it’s always discounted.

So it’s a bit of a fad for me, a bit of a marketing thing, to have these dietitians there to help people, when in fact that’s not the supermarkets’ main goal.

However, it is an expanding service in many countries, and surprisingly, some of those dietician recommended foods are not ones we would usually associate with “bad foods”, or “good foods”.

So going to do here guys is talk you through the research I’ve done here. I made use of them, and talked to dietitians from several of the main supermarkets, through email, about things that get into our grocery carts which we see as bad.

Like me, you’re probably sick of being told what you should eat, and that natural foods of the way to go. So some of the things on my list of the top 10 foods recommended to me could surprise you.

Why Eating Naturally From The Supermarket Is So Important

I’m hoping you’re no stranger to good nutrition. If you are, let me spell out the real basics for you.

Eating naturally is good for you. It’s at the heart of everything that helps our bodies to work efficiently. You’ll have more energy for your life.

Good food also fuels your mind. It’s now being found that a lot of anxiety and depression symptoms are linked to poor diet. It’s hardly a surprise that a lot of the people suffering from these debilitating conditions eat a lot of processed food calories.

Overall, it’s also about money. It’s far cheaper to buy natural ingredients and create larger quantities of fantastic food. You can save up to 50% on buying processed foods by doing it yourself.

Put together, alongside plenty of exercise, and some natural supplementation where appropriate, can really help you to enjoy life.

Here’s The List Of Those Top 10 Foods That Nutritional Experts Want You To Stop Ignoring

So now we have covered a bit by good nutrition should be at the heart of everything you do, let’s talk you through those 10 surprising foods that supermarket nutritionists are saying should not be banished from our carts.

1. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Plenty of nutritionists are saying we should not be avoiding frozen fruit and vegetables.

The reason for this is quite simple. They are flash frozen. That means that when they are packed up, they are frozen within 60 minutes, locking in all the nutrition.

Compare that to all the fruit and veg that is fresh on the supermarket shelves. Under harsh lights, and supermarket heating, for hours and days on end.

In actual fact it’s been proven in multiple studies that the nutritional content of frozen fruit and vegetables is actually higher than fresh, and it’s cheaper.

2. Beans

A well-known food blogger at “grub for gratitude” strongly recommend means. They are low in sodium (salt), and a great source of fiber and protein.

Whether they are canned beans or dried beans, they are equally good. Most people look at the dried beans and don’t even know what to do. All you have to do is hydrate them, and they are good to go.

3. Food Found In The Bulk And Discount Bins

Perhaps unsurprisingly due to modern processed food culture, when you look at those bulk, end of line, and discount bins at the mart, they are often full of the good stuff rather than the rubbish.

Wholesome, nutrient dense foods, such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruit and vegetables. Usually available in bulk, and dirt cheap, with a little preparation, they can be incredibly good nutrition.

4. Precut Vegetables

Although more expensive, precut vegetables can really help people to get into eating more healthily.

A lot of people take a look at fresh vegetables and don’t want the prep. Or, they buy fresh vegetables with good intentions, and when it comes to preparing a meal, they look in the fridge, or in the cupboard, see the prep ahead, and don’t bother.

Precut vegetables get around all that by allowing you to simply pour them straight into the water to cook.

5. Frozen Cheese Thin Crust Pizza

Now I know you have raised an eyebrow with me saying that frozen think up cheese pizza is something you shouldn’t be avoiding.

The reason for me saying this is when things are frantic and fast, and you’ve got kids as well, it’s difficult to get something everyone will eat. Especially something that needs to be cooked in 20 minutes or so.

Using this literally as a base, you can add fresh vegetables and meat to it really cheaply and quickly. You can even add different ones to different parts of a couple of pizzas, so that everyone in the family is happy. As a compromise, it’s cheap, fast, and a good idea.

6. Non-Traditional Whole Grains

There are lots of emerging non-traditional whole grains out there. I’m just going to talk about one here, Quinoa.

Quinoa is getting fashionable, and you can buy it from pretty much any supermarket nowadays. Packed with nutrients and fiber, easy to cook, the question is why wouldn’t you?

7. Full Fat Yoghurt

Full fat yoghurt gets a bad rap because of the “full fat” bit. We’ve been told everything fatty needs to be avoided.

However, the truth is in excess of any calorie type makes you fat, and in moderation, fat is not a bad thing, especially when full fat natural yoghurt is so good for the gut. Also great for packing on calories if you’re working out at the gym, especially if you are using supplements as well.

8. Nuts

Any nuts other than salted peanuts (and they are better than nothing) a good few. They contain heart healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are nutrient rich, and great for burst of energy. On the downside though, they can be calorie dense, so you should eat them in moderation.

9. Canned Fish

People rave about fresh fish, but don’t overlook the cheap canned fish out there. Things like sardines, salmon, mackerel, and tuna.

Not only are they versatile and cheap, but they are nutrient rich foods. High in protein, high in omega 3 fatty acids, they are good for the heart, and the brain.

10. Soy-Based Foods

Sorley protein has had a bad press in recent years because people have a misconception that is not a healthy choice. There was also some talk about it increasing estrogen levels and causing breast cancer. The truth is there’s no proof about any of that. As part of a healthy diet it’s protein rich, and a great nondairy alternative.

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