7 Reasons Why Snow White Should Still Eat Apples And So Should You

I am a fairy tale junky, always have been. Have you ever noticed there are a lot of food themes in fairy tales? Well, I have. With October being Apple Month, who better to talk about apples with than Snow White. In case you haven’t noticed, Snow White has a major comeback on television and at the box office. Once Upon a Time on ABC is a major hit. You may have also noticed Snow White & the Huntsman or Mirror Mirror at the movies in the last year.

The one thing that usually remains the same with the story of Snow White is the apple. What is so special about the apple anyway? Our society identifies this nutritious piece of produce with good health and vitality and yet Snow White’s apple brings death or deep sleep (whichever you feel more comfortable with). Maybe I am just over analyzing here, but doesn’t the poison filled apple eventually lead her to love and life with her beloved Prince Charming? So, the apple isn’t really bad after all.

Whatever you may think about this tale of the fair princess, you know you can’t think about her without the apple. What was so tempting about this particular piece of fruit that she couldn’t resist it and it becomes a centerpiece of her tale? Should the fairest of them all shy away from this shiny jewel of produce? The answer is NO and let me share with you why you should be like Snow White and eat this glorious fruit. (Of course, the non-poisoned kind).

Apples come in different colors, sizes, varieties, and tastes. No matter how you like your apples, they are good for you. One medium apple (182 grams) is around 100 calories. Apples are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber with around 4 grams per serving. They also contain 14% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C. They do not contain fat, sodium, or cholesterol. Bonus points if you eat the peel since two-thirds of an apple’s antioxidants are found there.

Just One Bite….

fruit infograp courtesy of Stemilt Growers

fruit infograph courtesy of Stemilt Growers


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which apple is the tastiest of them all?

Autumn Apple Guide courtesy of Superfresh Growers

Autumn Apple Guide courtesy of Superfresh Growers

Need more reasons to take a bite? Here are 7 reasons you and Snow White should keep eating apples for your health.


Apple research has shown apples may, in fact, protect against:



Heart Disease



Cognitive decline


 may help improve respiratory function 

DIETITIANS, DOWNLOAD 7 Reasons to eat apples & Homemade Applesauce recipe Education Handout.

apple education


Sources: US Apple Asociation, Stemilt Growers, Superfresh Growers, Apple Product Research & Education Council






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