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Berry Patriotic Cheesecake Poppers & Exciting Changes
Thank those “Berry” Special Teachers This Week With “Berry” Special Gifts
Banana Blueberry Breakfast Birds Nests
Sugar Wars: Become a Sugar Jedi

Thank those “Berry” Special Teachers This Week With “Berry” Special Gifts

I must admit, I am out of my element this year. I had to give up teacher appreciation for the first time in years due to an upcoming move. It’s definitely hard to let go of planning all the fun activities and gifts, but I did plan on giving my kids’ teachers useful gifts. I […]

Banana Blueberry Breakfast Birds Nests

Hello, spring! Birds are chirping, and the cold, dark days are behind me. With the weather changing, I also like to change up my breakfast routine. The Recipe Redux theme is 7 ingredients or less. I usually try to keep it under that especially since my mornings are so busy. I am also making an […]

Sugar Wars: Become a Sugar Jedi

National Nutrition Month starts tomorrow! It’s an exciting month for dietitians to promote healthy eating! Earlier this year the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans came out. It was updated to include added sugars, suggesting people to limit their intake to less than 10% of their daily calorie intake. You can see the changes in this […]

Blueberry Banana French Toast Bake {Gluten and Dairy Free}

Breakfast used to be one of my favorite meals of the day. I have to admit that I just don’t want it lately. A cup of coffee and getting 2 kids out the door has left me bored of my normal oatmeal. The Recipe Redux theme, “Break of out Breakfast Boredom”, couldn’t have come at […]

12 Healthier Buffalo Recipes I’m Drooling Over

If you have been hiding under a rock, you wouldn’t have noticed the explosion of all things buffalo! Pinterest is like a never ending feed of buffalo recipes. It’s so perfect for the Super Bowl, so I am rounding up the healthier versions I am drooling over! Whether you are a Panthers fan or a […]

Healthy Heart Munch

I ‘heart’ February! Not only is it Heart Month, but Valentine’s Day! Do you know your risk for heart disease can be reduced by eating healthy? Check out the American Heart Association’s Risk Factors. Snacking is on the rise. Making poor choices, especially on the go, can sabotage your best efforts to losing weight or […]

A Taste of Portugal: Fig and Walnut Energy Bites

Baby, it’s cold outside! With snow on the ground, all I can daydream about is my recent trip to warm Porto, Portugal for my birthday. I have been waiting for the right time to share my food adventures. When The Recipe Redux theme was trying a new ingredient this month, I knew exactly what I […]

Clean Start For Your Grocery Cart & A Food Calendar Freebie

I am taking 2016 by storm! I am working to step outside my comfort zone and do new things. I am in an organization frenzy with everything lately. Cleaning house at home and on my blog are becoming top priorities. Why does that matter to you? In effort to do this, I have updated my […]